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As I read the pamphlet about Edward and what he could do for me as my personal trainer, I knew he was the trainer that I really needed. I was searching for someone to provie "... help [to] achieve [my] goals faster and more efficiently".

Edward is focused on safety, with proper form and technique. Immediately I could feel results and I realized the truth in the claims made by those he has trained. He is indeed an excellent motivator and encourager. He keeps you accountable with your eating and doesn't try to put you on some fad dietary plan. It is all about moderation and being sensible, not about taking away the foods you enjoy.


I have not led the life of an athlete. When I started with Edward I was actively losing weight and desiring to have a body with some muscle definition and no more fat hanging on me and hiding it. I have worked out with Edward for 13 weeks. I have lost 24 pounds in that time frame, making my weight loss total over 60 pounds. I can see and feel muscle mass that I have never seen or felt before working with him.

The opportunity and privilege I have had to have Edward as my personal traners has definitely been among the most positive opportunities and experiences in my life. If you want your time in the gym to really count... if you want to continuously see and feel results... if you want to experience that kind of motivation and great encouragement... Edward is the man.


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