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Fitness in West Palm BeachOne morning I stepped on the scales and for the first time in my life I hit a number that I never thought I would hit. I was really disappointed with myself and really just didn't know what to do. About 3 years prior to this day I had broken my leg and never really recovered. I got lazy and found myself eating and sitting way too much... so I decided to finally do something about it... I joined a gym.

It's one thing to join a gym but it's another thing to get the weight off. I began working out on my own but found that nothing really was working. The weight was not falling off and I really couldn't exercise the way I should mainly because of my leg. I talked with several people and it was suggested to me that if I really wanted to get serious I needed to get a personal trainer. I had noticed this guy training every time I was there so I asked one of the girls behind the desk his name. She told me his name was Edward and she gave me his card. The next day I made a phone call and an appointment for a consultation.

At the consultation I told Edward that I was serious about getting this weight off but that I was concerned about my inability to do certain things because of the broken leg I had suffered years earlier. He told me that he could design a work out regimen that would be specific to me which would help me both rehabilitate and loose weight at the same time. We agreed to start the next week with 2 sessions per week and 4 days of cardio so that I would be in the gym 6 days a week.

That day I believe that my life changed completely. I trained with Edward for 8 months. During that time I learned how to eat properly, work-out with weights that would make me stronger while I lost weight and do cardio in a way that didn't restrict me because of an old leg injury. I saw my endurance increase and the weight really did fall off. In total I lost 40 pounds!

Edward is truly an inspiration. He taught me so much and continues to. It's really not that this is his job... it's his passion. He cares for each client equally. He wants to see all of us succeed and reach our goals. Sometimes outside the gym when I'm at work I can still hear him saying, "Robert, chest out shoulders back." Edward changed my life and gave me a reason to live.


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