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Frank McMillianThis is a letter of recommendation for Edward, but first I must tell you something about one of his clients. I am an almost 71 year old who began a regular exercise program only nine years ago. Even though I have maintained a consistent workout program during that time, it was necessary for me to have cardiac bypass surgery three years ago. After cardiac rehab I resumed my exercise routine and for the last three months it has been my privilege to have Edward as my personal trainer. Recently I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which can cause sporadic sever back pain. 

Over the years I have worked with several trainers and Edward is "at the top." He is sensitive to my past and present health issues and has made it a point to concentrate on "the core" to strengthen my back and help relieve pain.

I marvel at the arsenal of varied exercises that Edward has at his command. Although it is obvious that he has given thought and planned a routine for the day, the sessions are far from routine. Our sessions are varied and he can quickly adapt if there are physical constraints. I never know what to expect – except that it will be an hour well spent.

Edward is personable – but not overbearing. Aggressive – but understanding. Understanding – but no pandering. Challenging – but not pushy. Encouraging – but realistic.

If you choose Edward as your trainer you will feel you have a personal trainer because that is what he is. I have watched him work with other clients and his motif is to adapt to the client – he does not just take a standard chapter out of a book and fit it into a routine hour.

I know you experience with Edward will no be the same as mine because you are a different person; but I have confidence that your appreciation for him and whe he can do for you will be the same.

--Frank McMillian

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