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I've been a Weight Watcher's lifetime member for over 5 years. During that time, I have gained and lost enormous amounts of weight as I left and returned to Weight Watchers. I was not able to sustain weight loss since I never formally changed my eating habits. I always exercised either at a gym or by walking 5 miles a day. I drank 66-90 ounces of water per day. When I lost weight, it was by limiting my food intake rather than by healthy eating habits.

I joined Planet Fitness in 9/04. During that time, I gained 12 lbs. due to stress and poor eating habits. I worked with another trainer for a few months, but without structured and regular workouts and attention to my diet, my yo-yo dieting continued. I began working with Edward in august of this year weekly (which is all my budget will allow). Although I began toning up, my weight loss still fluctuated. I asked Edward to assist me to change my eating habits to healthful choices. At 53, it is difficult to change a lifetime of poor habits. I asked Edward to give me a structured, healthy eating plan which would keep my energy levels from subsiding into sugar cravings and he has. In the last two months, I have lost eight pounds with traveling and changing jobs. He is relentless in his chastising when I do not eat as I should, but is simultaneously supportive when I succeed. Whereas most people want a quick, sustainable results, I understand it is a process. I have finally seen success in that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle and also become toned.

My husband had given up on me. He is now thrilled with my new attitude. He is grateful to Edward for taking the time to tailor a diet that meets my needs (I do not like to cook unless it can be prepared quickly). I can also incorporate my sugar fix, which keeps me from binging. Now my husband is as strict with me as Edward is!

I am the type of person that needs to be held accountable for my food choices. Although I am able to keep myself focused most of the time since I see incredible results, I still require "tough love". Edward has been the only trainer I have worked with to help me succeed. He has the knowledge and expertise to address his client's individual needs. For that, I am grateful and would highly recommend him to train even the most wayward client.

--Barbara Bonaparte

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